Turn Left Roller Derby Shop: Skate fast, Turn Left, look nice!

Welcome to Turn Left Roller Derby Shop! The Turn Left Skate Shop is based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The roller skate shop is owned by two dedicated roller derby girls, one is Dutch, one is not.

With a wide range of roller skates and fitting boots in stock we make sure your feet get the right skate! For roller derby, outdoor roller skating and aggressive skating Turn Left is the place to be!

Come and visit us at Edisonstraat 89, 5621HL, Eindhoven. Bring your roller skates and protection and have a go on our mini ramp while your there. We're open Wednesday to Saturday, 10:00 - 17:00.

We are the first roller derby webshop in mainland Europe to stock Smith Scabs knee pads, elbow pads, horseshoe pads and wrist guards. Are you looking for professional roller skate fitting and advice, protection, custom scrimmage gear or a cool new outfit? You’re at the right place!
We stock: Smith Scabs Elite protection, S one Helmets, TSG protection and helmets, Killer 187 Pads, Riedell quad skates, Radar wheels, Grnmnstr (famous for their Antik roller skates, Gumball toe stops, Reckless, Heartless and B’Zerk wheels),  Moxi Skates, Chicks in Bowls, Sure-Grip, Crazy skates, Bont quad skates, Sisu mouth guards, Derby Skinz, Skatanist clothing and accessories, Skater Socks, Sourpuss clothing and accessories, referee shirts and stuff, Fox 40 whistles and more…
Our mission is to fit you with the right gear, and don’t forget to Turn Left!